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Miscellaneous SeaSonde presentations in PowerPoint, PDF, etc.. formats.

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Presented at
4th International Workshop on Technologies for Search And Rescue and other Emergency Marine Operations
Brest, France
May 2011
•   Results of the Mid-Atlantic High Frequency Radar Network
- presented by Dr. Hugh Roarty of Rutgers University

•  Rapid Deployment of HF Radars with Open-Mode Analysis and Model-Data Blending for Nearshore Oil Spill and Search and Rescue Applications
- presented by Dr. Vicente Fernández López of Qualitas Remos
- 10.78M

- 41.86M

Presented at

Rutgers University scientists at the 5th EGO Meeting and Glider School GranCanaria, Spain,
March 2011

•  Coordinated Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
EGO_2011_OilSpill.ppt - 66.7M

Presented at
Radiowave Oceanography

April 2008

MACOORA Presentation

•  Accuracy of currents measured by HF radar in the coastal sea off the Keum River estuary (South Korea)

Transport in the Coastal Ocean: Pitfalls Revealed By Lagrangian Analysis

Kohut_ROW8.ppt - 22.3M

SanghoLee_ROW8.ppt - 7.3M

Lipphardt_ROW8.pdf - 4.6M

Ocean Sciences 2008 Meeting

Multi Year Study of Wave Measurements and Wave Homogeneity from Central California CODAR Systems

(PDF 5.6M)



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