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Miscellaneous examples of animated data sets in QuickTime (MOV), PNG, and GIF formats.

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SeaSonde Deployment
in Kona, Hawaii 2011

Ocean Current Animations

To view QuickTime animations of each dataset, please select from the month and day list below.
Note: Each animation file (the first link for each day) is approximately 10MB, and may take several minutes to load and play properly. The "low-res" version will load quickly, as well as the m4v format intended for display on a smartphone or similar device.


20110831-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)
20110828-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110827-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110826-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110825-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110824-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110823-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110822-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110821-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)

 (low-res) (m4v)
20110819-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110818-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110817-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110816-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110815-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110814-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110813-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110812-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110811-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)


20110930-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110929-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110928-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110927-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110926-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110925-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110924-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110923-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110922-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110921-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110920-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)

 (low-res) (m4v)
20110918-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110917-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110916-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110915-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110914-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110913-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110912-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110911-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110910-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)

20110909-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110908-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110907-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110906-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110905-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110904-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110903-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110902-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20110901-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)


20111027-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111026-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111025-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111024-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111023-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111022-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111021-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)

 (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)
20111017-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111016-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111015-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111014-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)
20111012-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111011-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)

 (low-res) (m4v)
20111009-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111008-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111007-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111006-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111005-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111004-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111003-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111002-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
 (low-res) (m4v)


20111122-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111121-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111120-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111119-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111118-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111117-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111116-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111115-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111114-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111113-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)
20111112-kona-daily (low-res) (m4v)


SeaSonde Current Maps
from Qingdao, PRC

Data Courtesy of North China Sea Marine Forecasting Center of State Oceanic Administration.

19 - 20 August 2008
Large Format - QuickTime  2.29M
16 - 18 August 2008
Large Format - QuickTime  3.27M
13 - 15 August 2008
Large Format - QuickTime  3.16M
Entire 8 day period: 13 - 20 August 2008
Large Format - QuickTime  4.9M
8 - 12 August 2008
Large Format - QuickTime  4.61M

Northern California Sonoma Coast

These animations were created using the SeaDrift tool inside the Central Data Mgmnt/Combine Software Package.

•  Sonoma Flowlines - QuickTime  8.2M
•  Sonoma Spill Drifters 1 -
QuickTime  9.6M
•  Sonoma Spill Drifters 2
QuickTime  9.3M
•  Sonoma Spill Drifters 3 -
QuickTime  9.3M
•  Sonoma Spill Drifters 4 -
QuickTime  9.6M
•  Sonoma Trajectories 1 -
QuickTime  9.0M
•  Sonoma Trajectories 2 -
QuickTime  9.1M
•  Sonoma Trajectories 3 -
QuickTime  9.3M
  •  Sonoma Vectors - 320 x 260 - White background
•  Sonoma Vectors - 768 x 668 - White background

•  Sonoma Vectors - 320 x 260 - Black background
•  Sonoma Vectors - 768 x 668 - Black background

QuickTime  1M
QuickTime  6.6M

QuickTime  800k
QuickTime  4.7M




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